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MyBB Profile Music Plugin

This plugin allow users to put their favorite song's link in their profile to play.

Multilanguage Support
For now it's only support 2 language.

Group Permissions
You can choose which group can add profile music.

User Permissions
You can block abusive users on Mod CP or Admin CP.

YouTube, SoundCloud and Hotlink Sound Support
It's can show YouTube videos, SoundCloud sounds and hotlink sound files. Each players using HTML5.

Plugin Settings:
It's have 6 settings. You can activate autoplay feature, change SoundCloud API parameters, disable verifiers, SoundCloud, YouTube, hotlink sounds.
You can customize YouTube player, HTML5 player, profile music update fields. This templates can be find with prefix profilmuzigiek_ in Global Templates.

This feature checks whether the user's link is correct and reachable. Show warning message to user if link is not incorrect or cannot reachable. SoundCloud and YouTube links are verifiying with oEmbed, but hotlink sound links are verifiying with audio tag which kind of MIME type. Hotlink sound URL's checking if is HTTPS.



You can find how to install, update and more info on Wiki.

GitHub Repository
MyBB Mods Page 

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